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Our business started as an internet café and related services; over the course of almost 20 years we evolved to offer services that our clients  needed. Today we offer a range of technology and business services  where your internet, connection, mobile device and computer issues can be resolved.


We adhere to the principle of "The Internet of All Things" and relentlessly strive to keep ourselves abreast of present and future least two years ahead of customer needs. By advising our customers on their prospective purchases, they have saved time, have not wasted  money on a wrong purchase, not to mention avoided tremendous frustration and confusion. Our aim is to give our customers what they really need, NOT what everyone else wants to sell them.

We acknowledge that most people are not all "tech" savvy so part of our client service ethic is to ensure that our customers know what they are buying and how to use their new devices - from Smartphones to tablets to computers.

Our "SERVICES" encompass many   areas.  Click on any service box for more information.